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Ever dreamt of taking in the breathtaking sight of the Hogwarts Castle?

No need to take a long flight to London to go to the Harry Potter Studios: Our new Omoshiroi Block Note Pad will make every moment feel magical… No matter if you’re just taking notes!

 This Omoshiroi Block Note Pad utilizes laser-cutting technology to create what is, at first, just a seemingly normal square cube of paper note cards. But as the note cards get used, an object begins to appear. And you’ll have to exhaust the entire deck of cards to fully reveal the hidden object!

Exhaust the entire deck of papers to discover the very own rooftops Harry soared on with his Nimbus 2000… And turn even the most ordinary of tasks into something extraordinary!

100 sheets of paper, stacked up together to recreate your favorite school:

  • Finish all the sheets to reveal Hogwarts’ stunning paper sculpture
  • Decorate your home and desk with a touch of magic
  • Surprise your Harry Potter loving friends with a remarkable gift

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